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We meet a prospective Buyer at an open house, a referral, or on line, we learn what they want, and that house or condo becomes our suspect and we find him.

detective looking for clues

detective looking for clues

What I realized, watching a police series called “Castle” about finding a suspect, is – they don’t wait for it to appear by itself.  Yes, they often catch a lucky break, but they make their own luck by being hyper vigilant – they’re constantly thinking about it, looking for clues.  That’s what we do – we’re constantly thinking about possibilities.  Do you ever notice how you’ll wake up the next morning with the answer to a problem?  That only happens when you’re thinking hard about something.  Instead of questioning the neighbors, we’re consistently at broker caravans, asking for property leads, checking out the listings leaving no stone unturned.  And, just as the police know everybody on the street, the CI’s, the hangouts, we know many of the houses on the market, many of the other agents (to network), the neighborhoods, custom searches on the MLS, hot sheets, everything that will guide us to the suspect property.  THAT’S THE POLICE WORK OF REAL ESTATE.

One case I’m working on now is typical – what she wants is not out there – very large square footage with an ocean view for a price far less than what’s available.  So, what’s the clue to finding the suspect.  I’m still thinking about it but I think it’s the square footage part, a big floor plan.  So, I’ll focus on that in her price range – forget about the ocean view.- just like police have to rule out an eye witness report that later turns out to be a false lead.  That may lead me to the right place, we’ll see, maybe I’ll get another inspiration.  And, as so often happens, all this hard work pays off in an different way than we even considered.  I think the prospects appreciate that we’re really working the case, so they stick with us, and in time, it works out, often miraculously.

Realtor leaving no stone unturned

Realtor leaving no stone unturned

A recent case was also typical.  I was showing properties that matched what they said they wanted as I went through my initial interrogation.  Then something they said as we were touring sparked an idea and I showed them something that was very different but fit their comment.  Just like the police do, they’re always hearing or seeing something that leads them down a different path.  LISTENING, ALWAYS LISTENING, AND ASKING QUESTIONS.

This is nothing new to us, we live it every day, but I do find the similarity to police work interesting.  And, it’s a reminder to me to keep caravanning, don’t miss any, and don’t miss any houses on caravan – do ‘em all.  And keep attending the seminars, webinars, special speakers, and sales meetings, one might contain just the idea I need for a “case”.  And keep talking with my lender contacts for their input in case the “killer” is finding the right loan.  This is what goes on behind the scene that is just part of why the commissions are where they are.  We EARN IT .


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