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Agents Be Aware!

Digital security solutions for realtors

A staged listing in the Point Loma Heights area was broken into over the weekend. The lockbox was stolen as well as furniture and staging items…

the staged property that was broken into was a forced entry and the police have determined that the lockbox was stolen but was not accessed. The homeowner does not want to divulge any other information.

–PLOBRA Bulletin

This news was reported to local agents on Monday, August 27. Last month, an owner-occupied home in La Jolla was the site of an armed robbery attempt involving an agent targeted after a showing. News items like these, disturbing though they may be, are valuable reminders that some criminals view real estate listings as opportunities, and agents must be on guard both for their own safety and to avoid costly losses.


Unfurnished den with digital staging

Unfurnished den with digital staging

Risk reduction one reason to consider digital staging for your properties. For the past year, we have offered digital staging services in partnership with Digital Stager as a way to improve your online “curb appeal”. Unfurnished rooms are boring enough in person, but in photos they communicate almost no useful information to the viewer. Lost is the sense of scale and purpose of the room, and far too many people lack any imagination to see the potential of the space.

Not only is digital staging far more cost-effective in conveying this information to potential buyers before a showing, but you can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having no risk of loss or damage to staged furnishings or to the home. You will save a lot of time and money leaving an unfurnished home as it is (with nothing to steal), allowing the visual aid of the staged photos to attract buyers to a showing and help them envision the potential of the space without overshadowing the space itself.

Badly cluttered house reimagined with digital staging

Badly cluttered house reimagined with digital staging

In addition to furnishing empty spaces, we can redesign furnished rooms without moving a thing, as well as offer preview renderings of possible upgrades and landscaping improvements. Contact us for more information on professional photography and digital staging.

Overgrown lawn given a digital facelift

Overgrown lawn given a digital facelift

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