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In all three of the major cities I have lived and worked in, I have helped realtors to stage their properties for sale. Staging has proven to sell homes for more money and in less time. It also makes the realtor look entirely organized and professional.

Staging is essentially under the umbrella of Interior Design but with a different focus. Instead of creating a wonderfully personalized space suited to your individual tastes, you create a space that will appeal to the broadest range of prospective buyers.

This generally entails the use of warm, light neutral colors and minimalist décor.  Important also is for the property to be depersonalized, immaculately clean, totally organized and with a bit of atmosphere. Atmosphere is the cherry on the sundae and elevates your staged property by giving it a life that a static offering cannot.

Atmosphere can be inexpensively introduced into most staged properties with simple, inexpensive additions that appeal to the senses.  For example, a water feature like a small fountain on a table or counter just inside the front door. The soothing and tranquil sounds of trickling water immediately evoke feelings of relaxation and a comfortable place to come home to at the end of a hectic day.

Nothing says new beginning better than a spray of fresh flowers.  All the better if they are from the garden of the home you are staging! In the center of the dining table, near the bed in the master bedroom or on the corner of a kitchen counter are all great spots to put these portable, uplifting and colorful accessories.

Warm and Inviting

The smell of brewing, good quality coffee is very inviting when viewing a property. Popular scents like lavender, eucalyptus and mint are refreshing, organic and excellent for making bathrooms smell fresh.  Apples and cinnamon or vanilla provide a homey and warm scent in a kitchen. Remember that a light scent is better than a heavy one. Bowls of dried potpourri, scented candles or liquid plug in scent modules work great for this and give you a lot of flexibility when placing them around the home.

The feeling of a real fireplace or aquarium can be instantly created without the mess just by playing a DVD on the television screen. This adds movement and life to your staged property and can quickly be turned off if it becomes distracting to a prospective buyer.

When staging a property you want to present a welcoming blank canvas that prospective buyers can envision themselves living in comfortably. Atmosphere can be instrumental in helping you to achieve this. It’s simple, inexpensive and effective!

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