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For a brief window of time after the sun goes down each day, the twilight sky fades down to a deep, rich indigo tone that creates a stunning backdrop to the golden glow of a well-lit house. The most dramatic, warm and welcoming images of a home come from taking the care and preparation to wait for the perfect moment where the natural lighting of the home, the added lights on the exterior, and the fading light of day come into harmony.

These shoots present a fun challenge for me as the photographer, but more importantly they convey a sense of value to both buyer and seller. The seller gets a sense that his or her agent is giving the listing the attention it deserves, while the potential buyer sees a level of prestige to the home that invites top dollar offers.

For a limited time, add a Blue Light session to your virtual tour package and save $40! Use the coupon code MAY2014 at checkout to get your savings.

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