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Introducing San Diego’s newest property innovation

3-D interactive aerial property maps use the latest drone technology to scan properties from above and recreate them on your computer screen.


  • Offer your clients something no one else does
  • Buyers can explore their new home and property from every angle
  • Interactive map invites buyer to play and spend more time with the listing
See for yourself: Use your mouse and the controls on the right side of the image below to explore the scene.


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Good News…

We are GIVING AWAY three [Update: All Gone!] 3-D interactive aerial property maps to SDREPix clients.

To help launch this new service we are gifting three aerial maps to clients with suitable properties (see below). This deal is free for any current SDREPix client or free with the purchase of any photography or video package for new clients. First come first served. Check out the sample map to see what’s possible, and contact us now at 619-733-1719 or


What kind of properties is this product for?

  • Best for large, open properties or properties with unique outdoor features
  • Awesome way to show off acreage
  • Showcase architectural gems
  • Not available in all areas due to FAA airspace restrictions. Call us to check
  • 3 acres max for free offer

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